Die besten APPS für den New York Trip

The best APPS for the New York trip

Traveling to a foreign country is not always easy: a different language, a different culture, a different city... It is often difficult to manage all these elements. But much easier to manage in this day and age with some great apps. There are a variety of applications that make it easier for you to explore the Big Apple.

apps for new york

Practical applications

Google Translator

A huge must for every vacationer on their cell phone: Google Translate ! This application always helps with any language barriers, when you can't think of a word or when you don't understand an ingredient in a menu. A real Swiss Army knife that will save you regularly. Especially in some parts of New York, like Queens or Harlem, the locals don't always speak English!

Simple tip calculator

Unlike Europe, where it is uncommon, in the United States tips make up a large portion of waiters' and bartenders' salaries. Since it is not widespread and common, there is a workaround in an APP version.

Simple Tip Calculator allows you to choose the percentage you want to leave (usually between 15 and 25%) and does the work for you.

Getting around New York

Google Maps

If you only had to download one application, it would be Google Maps . It includes metro and bus lines (not ferries) , calculates walking time , travel time by bike, by taxi, by public transport, depending on the traffic situation and possible train delays. It will allow you to see New York easily and clearly while optimizing your time. A must!

How to get from Central Park to the Empire State Building?

My trip to New York Tip : Using Google Maps requires one Internet connection. It is ideal to observe the route while navigating, but you can also do one Take screenshots of the route. Basically you do n't have to worry: there is many free WiFi spots throughout the city, most of which cover entire districts. CLICK

You can do that too WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS- Using a cafe's network during a coffee break or that free Wi-Fi in the subway is available in almost all stations . New York knows you want to stay connected!

NYC subway

This simple application will be of great help in the labyrinths of the New York subway . It allows you to see (even offline!) a complete map of the subway with the different stops and lines. The New York subway is often scary for tourists and it's true, it's easy to get lost at first. With this application you are well equipped! To make sure you've mastered the beast before arriving in NYC, check out my subway guide!

Trip agent

Travel agent via

Another solution to get around New York is to use ride brokers. In New York there are several companies, Uber, Lift, Juno and Via, that have their own applications. Very easy to use, they allow you to order a car in seconds to pick you up and take you to the desired location. The good old taxi, the classic Yellow Cab, is also always possible. You can find out how this works and what you should pay attention to here. CLICK

Stay in touch with family and friends

WhatsApp/Viber/Facebook Massanger

Two great classics when it comes to... Communication from abroad is possible : Whatsapp and Viber. Using mobile networks from abroad causes significant additional costs. The solution is a communication application to use via WiFi. WhatsApp, Facebook Massanger and Viber make this possible. The only problem is that you need to be connected to the internet to use it. If you are planning a longer stay in the Big Apple, I recommend you Prepaid card to buy locally e.g. from T-Mobile $30 for 3 weeks.


Send postcards from New York

Send postcards from your cell phone? It's now possible! With Fizzer App you can use freshly taken photos as postcards for your loved ones. Choose your favorite photo, write a text on the back with your fingertips, enter the recipient's address and Fizzer will take care of the rest! The personalized card arrives a few days later . An original and simple way. Klein's video how it works.

If you need help with your trip planning, we are here for you. Write to us here or here . Visit us at our Times Square Travel Center, 324 W 47th Street, NY 10036, 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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