New York ist mehr als nur Manhattan - Bronx hat viel zu bieten

New York is more than just Manhattan - the Bronx has a lot to offer

When you hear the words "New York" the first images that come to mind are those of Times Square and the bright billboards, Central Park and its mythical lakes, or Greenwich Village and the architecture typical of Old New York.

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New York is much more and that is exactly what makes this metropolis, which is called the melting pot for good reason, so charming. The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn boroughs are very popular today, but that wasn't always the case.

For those who like to look beyond the horizon , here are a few tips and information.

The Identity of the Bronx

Bronx Yankee Stadium

The Bronx is one of five boroughs and the only borough connected to the mainland. In 2013 the population here was 1,419,733 inhabitants. The name comes from Jonas Bronck, a Swedish immigrant who was the first to attempt to colonize the area in the seventeenth century. It was the area of ​​"Rananchqua" and "Siwanoy" Indians and the settlers renamed it "Broncksland" or "Bronck Farm", which eventually led to "The Bronx".

Subway lines 4.5, B, D, 1 and 2 go to the Bronx.

The birthplace of hip-hop culture

It's true that the Bronx doesn't present the most flattering image to receive. In fact, it has long been considered one of the most dangerous areas in New York. The list of arson, gang wars and other illegal acts of this sort that took place in the 70s and 80s is endless.

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Today the area is far from this myth and only inglorious ones remain  Memories of when the neighborhood was famous for that "Golden Age". Instead, it is the center of local artists who have made graffiti and street paintings famous. Street art, as we say, is inspired by the hip-hop pioneers who made the Bronx a legend.

Stars who grew up on the unforgiving streets

Pop culture fans know that Jennifer Lopez grew up in the Bronx. She proudly mentions it in a whole series of quotes, in interviews and she even has a song dedicated to the area, one of her biggest hits "Jenny from the Block." But other celebrities also shared these streets with the famous Puerto Ricans: Woody Allen, Lauren Bacall, Peter Falk (Columbo), Fat Joe, French Montana, Billy Joel etc.

In the picture below, Jennifer Lopez accompanies her relatives through her old neighborhood in the Bronx

Jeniffer Lopez in Bronx, New York City tours

Places you definitely shouldn't miss in The Bronx:

Yankee Stadium , where the New York Yankees baseball team plays its home games. Watching a game there is a lot of fun. If you don't have enough time, you should at least take a selfie in front of the famous arena.

Italian neighborhood around Arthur Avenue with its great market and fresh produce. If you want to experience the south of Italy with all the Mediterranean flavors without leaving New York, then stroll through Little Italy in the Bronx. The mostly Italians in this area, who emigrated to New York thirty or forty years ago, were talented craftsmen and restaurateurs. You are always up for a little chat over an espresso with all visitors! If you're a fan of cheese or sausage, you can buy fresh products here without any worries, for at least half the price of the goods offered in central New York City.

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