Die 7 schönsten Häuser von Dyker Heights während Weihnachten

Dyker Heights' 7 Most Beautiful Homes During Christmas

In Dyker Heights, a wealthy Italian-American neighborhood deep in Brooklyn, a kind of arms race begins long before the actual holiday season among neighbors for the flashiest, most beautiful or most outlandish decorations of the year, where thousands flock every day to watch the spectacle.

Since this district is located far in the southern tip of Brooklyn, 20km from Times Square and getting there by public transport is somewhat inconvenient, we offer a daily tour to this magical place from December 1st to January 3rd. The Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour ( click ).

A lot of time and even more money is spent preparing for the Christmas madness - many decorations are professionally designed and carried out by companies that specialize in such unusual decorations. The costs for this range from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Electricity bills during this time for residents are 15 times the usual, approximately $30,000 - $40,000 USD!

Here are the 7 most beautifully decorated houses from the previous year:

dykerheights christmas lights
dyker heights christmas lights
Christmas lights from Dyker Heights Brooklyn
Christmas lights from Dyker Heights Brooklyn
Christmas lights from Dyker Heights Brooklyn
Christmas lights from Dyker Heights Brooklyn

From December 1st to January 3rd we depart daily at 4:00 pm near our travel center to Dyker Heights. Tickets are available here.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights Tour

If you decide to make the pilgrimage there alone, please note these instructions from the New York Police Department, NYPD. The police are present in the area on many corners, and are more on guard in the subway stations and on the way to and from the subway.

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