Die 5 besten Fotospots in New York bei Nacht

The 5 best photo spots in New York at night


"You can't paint New York as it is, but rather as it is perceived."

Georgia O'Keeffe
American artist

Our new Panorama Night Tour begins in April, which is something personal for me because I always wanted to show New York visitors these special places. Personally, because they are something I will never forget. My first view of the skyline was at night from New Jersey, specifically Weehawken. I had just moved from Europe to America and was on the bus, for the first time in my life, on the way to Manhattan. Before the bus turns into the Lincoln Tunnel, you pass a street with a wonderful view of the whole of Manhattan. It would be presumptuous to try to describe it, I'm no Göthe or Schiller, but the lights of the many windows have a special way of bringing out long-forgotten moments and people, experiences and feelings from the darkest corners of the soul. I've always loved looking at New York at night and here are my five favorite places with the most beautiful views and the most wonderful photo opportunities.

1. Hamilton Park, NJ

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The beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline 🏙

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Maybe because of my nostalgia, but for me it's the most beautiful place to enjoy a wonderful view of Manhattan. The park is located on a cliff and the height makes the view so special because you feel like you are standing above Manhattan and the skyline. This park is the icing on the cake on the Panorama Tour and we visit it at the end of the tour before we take you back to Manhattan.

2. Brooklyn Bridge

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge at night is something unique and very moving. On the one hand, the wonderful view of the skyline and on the other hand, the bridge itself. My eyes disconnect from my brain here because neither one organ nor the other can process this view.

3. Empire State Building

With all due respect to the Top of the Rock and One World Trade Center , for me the Empire is the king of New York and the view at night is incomparable to any other viewing platform. The view south of downtown Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, north of Times Square, Bryant Park and the Midtown skyline is pure magic that cannot be found anywhere else in New York.

4. Brooklyn Heights

I love this place for many reasons but, and this will seem strange to you, also because of the traffic that there is under the promenade. I think the sights and noise levels scream New York. Brooklyn Heights is a small district of Brooklyn itself, which, as the name suggests, is located at a height and thanks to this it offers an amazing view of Manhattan downtown and the Brooklyn Bridge. It is also the first stop on our panoramic tour.

5. Rooftop Bar

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I'm always excited when a new rooftop opens. We immediately added it to the rooftop tour. Thanks to @thecrownnyc

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Drinks, music and skyline views are a mix that only exists in New York. Each rooftop has its own special atmosphere and a different view of the city that never sleeps. If you don't want to go alone, we organize a rooftop tour, visit three rooftops in one evening and serve you a drink at each one.

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